Our products offer immersive experiences, engaging potential buyers and accelerating the sales process.


Ekoospaces provides a cutting-edge sales tool that combines physical and digital selling spaces, resulting in a memorable and emotional experience for your potential clients.


A volumetric model enhanced with AR allows users to interact with a 3D model in a real-world environment, providing a more immersive and intuitive experience.


Experience a property before it's built, a realistic and detailed view that can lead to a better understanding of the future environments.



Visually communicate a project's scale, design, and surroundings, providing potential buyers with a better understanding of the property's location and layout.


A unique and engaging way to showcase properties, providing a realistic and immersive experience for potential buyers.



What is Ekoospaces?
Ekoospaces is an advanced digital platform that enables architects and developers to create captivating virtual tours of their projects, easily shareable with others. It works seamlessly for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and the tours are accessible on any device, including mobile.
How does it work?
Ekoospaces' platform, similar to Google Street View, allows users to explore large development projects with a 360-degree view from aerial or eye-level perspective, without any limit on the project's size or detail.
Who is Ekoospaces for?
Ekoospaces empowers architects and developers to keep up with the ever-growing digital landscape and meet the rising expectations of consumers for high-quality digital services.
Who created Ekoospaces?
Ekoospaces is the proprietary virtual tour platform created by the visualization company Ekoomedia.
What does Ekoomedia do?
Ekoomedia is a digital-first real estate marketing company that holds a central position between creativity and technology. For the last decade, Ekoomedia has been creating visualizations that showcase a future people want to be a part of, with a portfolio that includes some of the world's most iconic architectural projects.